Aspects of Employment in Germany

(1) Unemployment rate in Germany/Verden

In February 2014 the unemployment rate in Germany makes up 7,3 percent. In the region of Verden it is only about 5,7 percent. Both percentages stayed at the same level since January.

Seen nationally these percentages were higher before, so this is a positive development. For example in 2005 the unemployment rate was up to 11,7 percent. This was the highest rate only looking at the years between 1991 and 2012. 1991 was the year with the lowest unemployment rate, it was only about 6,4 percent.

These Figures include males and female at all ages. Generally the unemployment rate of males is higher than the rate of females. People in the middle age have a lower unemployment rate while young people and old people have a higher unemployment rate. This is because younger people often don’t find a job directly after their studies or school. It takes a few years to find a job that fits. Elder People sometimes don’t find a job because the different companies think it isn’t worth it to engage them, because probably they get ill often and they can’t work as fast as young people.


(2) The minimum age you could start working

13: little jobs (e.g. deliver newspaper, babysitting, tutoring)

15: holiday work (4 weeks a year / 8 h a day)

15-17: allowed to work 8 hours a day (max. 40 hours a week)


(3) The most common jobs in your regions


-High-Class yacht building & military ships (Abeking&Rasmussen, Lürssen )

-Car building ( Mercedes-Benz )

-Logistics ( BLG )

-Plane building and space travel ( Airbus, Atlas )

-food production ( Könecke, Kellogg`s, Hachez, Beck`s )

-pet products ( Vitakraft, Kraftfoods )

In our region, Lower Saxony, the top ten of the most common jobs are:

1. Merchant in retail

2. Salesman

3. Automotive mechatronics engineer

4. Office administrator

5. Merchant in external trade and wholesale

6. Industrial clerk

7. Electronics engineer

8. Banker

9. Qualified medical employee

10. Cook

All in all there are round 63.000 apprenticeship places in Lower Saxony, this is actually a really bad result.


(4) The average salary

09/ 2013: average salary in total Germany 2988€ a month — Bremen: 2634€ a month