Our Trip to Gorowe, Poland

gor 2 classeIt was at last  our turn!  We, Clarissa, Federica and Serena, went to  Górowo for the Comenius meeting which focused on employment.

Our trip to Poland was very tiring but the stay in Gorowo was amazing. In fact we had a wonderful welcoming from our twins and their families.

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We spent four days there but we learned a lot about employment and … unemployment in the countries of the other Comenius students: we showed our powerpoint presentations and one day we worked together in groups to make gadgets for ill people. We also visited some important work places, such as the Russian border, the barracks of the firefighters and the office of a local newspaper.

In our free time we went to see Olsztyn Castle and we could go ice-skating and shopping.

The best part of the trip was meeting and making friends with all the people involved coming from different European counties. We had the opportunity to improve our English talking about everything and we taught each other typical dances and songs.

The last evening together we made a barbecue and had so much fun!

Of course when we left, we were all crying!


Palermo- Achim-Palermo

Palermo- Achim –Palermo
We travelled from Palermo to Bremen and then to Achim on 27 Nov 2013 for the big meeting on volunteering. On our first day at Cato Bontjes van Beek Gymnasium we explained to all our school partners, students and teachers all the volunteering activities we have been doing at school to help raise money for charity organizations and other needy people such as refugees. We mentioned the Comenius football match that was played last spring to contribute to the fundraising activity in this project and how a bake sale was planned for the school community for the 13th of December, the day of Santa Lucia. We also illustrated the commitment a group of fellow students have with the church of Santa Chiara in the city centre and the children of migrant families, coming mostly from Africa who live in the neighbourhood.
The greatest thing we did in Germany was the Christmas market! Everybody brought something from home and sold it for charity.
The German school also organized several interesting activities: we visited the historic city of Bremen, the Mercedes-Benz factory, and the Klimahaus in Bremenhaven. This attraction is a sort of science museum where you can see the whole world just walking through different rooms where particular habitats are recreated according to their climates.
In our spare time we could do several activities with our host families: some of us went to Hamburg, in fact. And one evening we all had a pizza together.
All in all it was a a great experience to meet again, learn about the German lifestyle in a German family, practice our English and visit amazing places.

The Meeting in Palermo


In these five days in November 2012 sixteen school partners came to Palermo. They were students from five countries: Poland, Germany, Spain, Finland and England. The principal theme was tourism.

During this meeting we spoke about how tourism is able to influence our future. Moreover examples of the cultural heritage of Sicily were shown and we learned why protecting culture and customs is important. Sicily in fact  has so many artistic, cultural and naturalist aspects which could give us a lot of job opportunities.

A significant  moment of the meeting was the visit to the Tourist Office of the Region of Sicily where some specialists gave us information about tourism and the region.  An American girl living temporarily in Palermo talked about the highlights of her experience of Palermo and the territory.
At school we made a brainstorming to speak and collect ideas about our theme in Palermo . It was very interesting because we shared opinions and facts. We also met a tourist guide and she told us about her long experience in this field.

We visited many important historical and artistic places together with a guide.We went on a day trip to Cefalù which is a very important tourist area not far from Palermo. There we visited the Norman cathedral and we climbed the “rock” of Cefalù, then we went to the amazing beach.  During the last evening we made an evening tour of the city centre.