Achim in Górowo

Our mobility in Poland already started in the bus from the airport in Gdansk to Górowo. Seeing all the little villages from the bus was interesting. When having arrived at the school we were picked up by our lovely host families. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and met outside with all Comenius people to take a look around the pretty city of Górowo. The next day we met in the school and visited some interesting places in Górowo.



Later that evening we met to have a nice slice of pizza and some interesting conversations. We also went to the impressive border between Poland and Russia.


In the afternoon we visited two employers: the newspaper and the fire station close to Górowo. We spent the evening dancing and laughing in the restaurant. Another day we visited Olsztyn where we had a guided tour through the city and the museum of Copernicus. Later in the afternoon, after a long walk, we went ice-skating and shopping. It was great! The last evening we had a BBQ in the garden of one of our polish friends. The next day we were leaving, so we had to get up in the middle of the night to catch the bus to the airport in Gdansk. Then we discovered the old, beautiful city with all the famous sights. We also had a delicious lunch with the finish girls.

All in all our trip to Poland was a great experience because we got to know the polish culture and made a lot of new friends!