Málaga mobility summary

The theme of the mobility in Málaga was “Job opportunities for young people”
Basically the activities we carried through with the students were the folowing:

  1. “Role playing: employers and employees”: Students experienced how an unemployment benefit affects the average salary and the companies profits.
  2. “Presentations about opportunities of employment”: Spanish students showed their work on the theme
  3. Modelling job opportunities research process”: Students modelled how to search job opportunties back at their schools
  4. “Sharing fundraising experiences”: Students showed what fundraising activities had carried out to get money for Charity in their schools.
  5. “Spanish lunch at school”: Spanish students brought meals made at home to share Spanish recipes with their twins.
  6. “Sports activities at the beach”: Fun games which were planned in previous mobilities.
  7. “Orienteering activity”: Organised by Club Coma (http://www.clubcoma.org/) at the Morlaco Park.

Also that friday some teachers visited the “San Miguel” brewery in Málaga. The folowing day all the teachers were in a trip to Seville. All the students were with their Spanish twins during their weekend doing activities planned in advanced.
As the coordinator of this project in Málaga I have to say that I could have never expected to find such a kind and collaborative group of young people. Even in the Economics experiment (normally is something boring for them) they tried their best and the outcome was excellent. They left an indelible mark in both the Spanish families and the teachers.
Also I am really grateful to all the foreign teachers for their cooperation in every moment and their superb work throughout the days we had the privilege to share with them. The activities that needed their collaboration, as the meetings at the library or the sports activities were an absolut success. Besides I always felt their support through their actions and continuous smiles. Our Comenius staff in Malaga thanked their friendliness and their wonderful attitude towards any activity we suggested.